Livestock Products

The livestock business sector plays an important role in Indonesia's development, especially in rural areas. It can be seen from the perspective of production, investment and employment in the livestock business that has shown a positive trend in the past few years. Livestock production in Indonesia in Gross Domestic Product contributed quite a lot in 2017. Investment in the livestock sector has always increased both domestically and abroad, with poultry commodities dominating. Labor absorption is also one of the supporting factors for the development of the livestock sector in Indonesia. 

Pradipta Paramita has committed to always support our business partners in developing and advancing the livestock business sector in Indonesia by providing premium products. The products we provide are included in the category of probiotics, natural medicines and premixes and have a variety of different functions and benefits based on the needs and problems that often occur in the field.


The ideal combination of probiotics, herbs and acidifier. As a premix, it can increase the population of bacteria that break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins so that feed absorption is better. 


Natural medicine in the form of propolis extract which is processed hygienically with the right technology so that it can control diseases caused by infections and fungi, improve the health of poultry, and prevent disease at an early age. 


Additional formula for laying hens that contains probiotic FOS (Fructooligosaccharide) combined with selected herbal phytobiotics so that layer hens are more productive, eggs are better and egg yolks are increasing. 


Probitic is equipped with prebiotic GOS (Galactooligosaccharides) and MOS (Manan Oliogosaccharide) so that chickens are encouraged to be healthy and their digestive system is also good, can withstand disease attacks, increase production and decrease FCR. 

Jampi Stresa

Energy-boosting health drink for chicken / poultry in the form of probiotic solutions from selected herbal fermentation (ginger, turmeric, kencur, ginger, etc.) with beneficial microorganisms for livestock. 

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Photosynthetic bacteria that are able to work optimally with the help of sunlight, as well as microbes that are able to break down H2S and ammonia that cause odor in chicken manure or other organic waste. Overcoming environmental pollution caused by bad odors. 

Jampi Stress

Energy and health booster health drink as well as ADG in cows in the form of a perfectly fermented herbal probiotic solution by a mixture of microorganisms that are beneficial to livestock. 

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