Agricultural Products

Production in the agricultural sector in all provinces of Indonesia continues to run well. This has a positive impact on growth in this sector. It can be predicted that agricultural production in Indonesia will continue to increase every year. It is undeniable that the agricultural sector is one of the backbones that support food security in Indonesia. 

Pradipta Paramita has committed to always support our business partners in developing and advancing the agricultural business sector in Indonesia by providing premium products. The products we provide are included in the category of biological agents and bio-organic fertilizers which have various functions and different benefits based on the needs and problems that often occur in the field. 


Fertilizers that contain a microbial mixture which helps the availability of nitrogen, helps absorption of phosphate and potassium. 


Inoculants from Trichoderma harzianum, trichoderma viride and Trichoderma Sp are effective in controlling several diseases such as leaf or fruit bususk. 


For beans and soybeans, it can stimulate the growth of root nodules on plant roots and increase nitrogen so that it can reduce the use of N fertilizers.


An effective combination of bacteria is able to increase the growth of agricultural crops, protect plants from pathogens that cause wilted plants and white root fungi. 


Environmentally friendly biological agents that can combat borer pests of rice, corn and sugar cane. 


The decomposers of organic matter that can accelerate the manufacture of fertilizers stimulate the formation of growth hormones. 


The inoculum of Gliocladium virens as a biological agent for controlling plants in order to stay healthy and able to destroy the inoculum of the source of plant disease infection. 


One of the biological agents that is antagonistic, can control some pests, especially it is used to control disease attacks such as crackle, leaf spot and club root. 


Biological agents are environmentally friendly and can combat harmful pests such as brown planthoppers, aphids and caterpillars. 

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