Pradipta Paramita

Biotechnology Industry

Kami Berkembang Bersama Anda untuk Menjadi Solusi Mudah dan Berkualitas

About Us

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CV PRADIPTA PARAMITA is a company engaged in the Biotechnology Industry.

We provide a variety of superior probiotic and phytobiotic products to help our partners and customers in the fields of fisheries, livestock and agriculture. 

We believe that consistency is the key for us to achieve our goal of being a solution for the community and our loyal partners.

Professional Management System

Supervisor Produksi

Production Process

Technology and qualified human resources to create high quality and quantity. 


Precise and thoroughness in maintaining a sustainable innovation power. 
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Direct Guidence on Field

Assistance for our partners directly in the field provided by experts in their fields in order to get the best production results.  



To become a company that excels in improving the fisheries, livestock and agro-industry sectors to make the nation's life healthier and more prosperous. 


1. Developing quality employees by creating a good work environment.

 2. To provide superior products and services to support food security and thus improve public health. 

3. Become a leading company with products that are easily available and at affordable prices. 

4. Providing benefits for partners and stakeholders by increasing cost efficiency and revenue growth.